Our Seven Solutions

In 2012, Our HRM Alliance launched a set of proposals for the future of the region that we called our Seven Solutions. These solutions helped shape the discourse during that campaign and all seven of them have since made progress or were enacted in some form. Notably, the Regional Plan contained a commitment to our first solution, implementing “greenbelting” to … Read More

So Far Yet So Close

The car bottomed out multiple times with the weight of all our gear as we drove the dirt road up to Otter Lake, just north of Lake Echo. We said goodbye to our friends who drove us and took a breath: this was going to be the most challenging leg of Hike the Greenbelt, a 25km, two-day adventure through bush … Read More

The Chebucto Peninsula: A Significant Conservation Area

Living on peninsular Halifax, (a subpeninsula of the Chebucto Peninsula), I regard this lovely piece of rock as my bioregion. Most of the bedrock is South Mountain Batholith, that hard granitic stuff that covers a lot of western Nova Scotia; in the area of Halifax it gives way to the black slates and siltstones of the “Meguma Supergroup”. In the … Read More

40 Years of Work and So Close to the Goal

40 years. Bedford residents have worked for 40 years on getting Sandy Lake protected—9 years longer than I have been alive. Heck, even the Great Pyramid only took 20 years to build. These people have perseverance. And on Tuesday August 4th, Council almost decided to protect 160 acres of the area’s best land, a place that looks like this: But … Read More

Connect the Gap: Economic Opportunity on the Eastern Shore

This year, over 1.1 million visitors are flocking to Park Lineaire’s Le P’tit Train du Nord (Quebec) to cycle along the 232km converted rail trail. From near and far, visitors come and support a network of communities, B&Bs, Inns, restaurants, campgrounds, and activities such as water sports and golfing. The flat, off-road trail allows riders to experience nature with ease … Read More

22 Years of Squandering Growth in Halifax

“I have travelled to many places, but rarely did I find such a rich and well preserved landscape as around Halifax.” This is how Douglas Olsen, President and CEO O2 Planning+Design, described Halifax at the first stake holder session for the Halifax Green Network Plan, which his company has been hired to write. His company has operated across Canada and … Read More

The First Kiss Test

In Saint Margaret’s Bay, there is a small green bridge with a cove full of sailboats on one side and the open ocean on the other. It is just far enough away from the city that the night sky is still the night sky, and when I was 21, it made a heck of a spot for a first kiss. … Read More

Best Job in Halifax

Tristan Glen may have the best job in Halifax. He will spend his summer outdoors hiking, biking, canoeing and sailing the prettiest parts of Halifax: a trail floating on the ocean in Cole Harbour, an abandoned canal on Porters Lake, wild islands in Saint Margaret’s Bay. And folks plan to hold BBQ’s for him all along the way! What a … Read More