Bicycle Minimum Grid

It takes mere minutes to bike just about anywhere in the core of Halifax and Dartmouth. We have all
the right ingredients of an amazing cycling city—except it does not yet feel safe.

If we build a minimum grid of fully protected bike lanes, we will unleash an enormous pent-up demand. Just consider the potential:

  • Halifax has 30,000 post-secondary students.

  • The majority of families already have bikes in their homes.

  • For most trips in the core, the bicycle is the fastest way to get around.

More people biking could lead to massive benefits. We would have a healthier city with cleaner air. It would be great for business, because bike lanes attract loyal, local customers.

And most of all, more people biking would mean less traffic.

Every person who gets out of a car and onto a bicycle frees up an enormous amount of space for other drivers. That is why bike lanes help everyone, drivers included.

Minimum Grid by 2020

Halifax’s Integrated Mobility Plan provides the big-picture vision for all of Halifax’s major transportation decisions. It calls for completing a core network of protected bike lanes, as shown in this map.

This is achievable. By implementing just a few protected bike lanes in key places, we could transform Halifax from a city where cycling is intimidating for many, to one where you can get to nearly every major destination on safe routes, suitable to every age and ability.

All Ages and Abilities

Biking should feel safe for everyone. To have a major impact on how many people bike, the minimum grid must be composed of real protected bike lanes, not just lines of paint on the street.

A Portland study showed 60% of people would like to try cycling, but just don’t feel safe enough to do it. That’s thousands of people who could easily choose to bike if we just make it safe and convenient. Without good infrastructure, only the “Strong & Fearless” bike, which is about the proportion of people who currently bike in Halifax.

For more information, see the campaign page at the Halifax Cycling Coalition.