The Purcell’s Cove Backlands

Massive progress towards an unbelievable urban wilderness park.

Soon, all this will be protected forever.

On September 5, 2017, Halifax Council voted to invest $4.5 million in turning the Purcell’s Cove Backlands into a Nature Conservancy.

A Beautiful Opportunity

In 2014, the Nature Conservancy of Canada approached the owners of this massive property and asked them if they would forego substantial profits from potential development to allow the land to instead be protected.

They agreed.

Now with Council support, two critical steps remain before the project moves forward.

  • The conservancy must raise $3.5 million in donations.

  • The public must continue to learn about and show support for the Urban Wilderness Park. Council will have a final vote on the future of the Wilderness Park (date TBA) that requires continued public endorsement.

The Proposal

The Nature Conservancy will design the protected area to meet multiple goals:

Recreation and Relaxation

The project will include a park with a wheelchair-accessible path and other public amenities.

Hiking and Learning

The deeper wilderness will include rough trails, with a focus on maintaining natural beauty. It will be programmed with educational opportunities.


The project will preserve bird habitat and the area’s unique ecosystems, such as the Jack Pine – Broom Crowberry Barrens.

Local residents have been working to protect this land for years. Time to make that dream a reality.

How you can help

  • Help Spread the Word.

    Help spread the word of the future Wilderness Park – make sure your neighbours, friends, and family know about the park. Bring them out to one of NCC’s guided tours of the park or share this web page with them! View NCC's Website

  • Write your Councillor

    Express your excitement and support for Council’s visionary decision to move forward on this park.

  • Donate

    The Nature Conservancy needs every bit of support they can get, big and small, to get to their fundraising target of $3.5 million.

Let’s make this happen!

Signup to show support!

Halifax has taken a massive step towards protecting this park, but to make sure we get it over the finish line, we need everyone’s support. Signup to find out about public consultations and how you can help make this park a reality.

Further information

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