Hike The Greenbelt

Back in the summer of 2015, we Hiked, Biked, Canoed, Kayaked, Swam, Ran and Camped to show Halifax the nature we have—and what we can protect.

The Halifax Greenbelt exists, and it is beautiful. Halifax’s Green Network Plan, currently in development, is our chance to keep it. This plan is an opportunity to create an inspiring system of protected natural landscapes, but to achieve its full potential, the plan will need widespread public support.

So we set out to show Halifax the incredible natural world it has. We led a series of hiking, biking, canoeing, swimming, running, and camping trips in a giant loop through the Greenbelt, from the Porters Lake Canal to Saint Margaret’s Bay, to raise awareness about the lands we want to see protected.

We sought to create a buzz by attracting the greatest possible diversity of people to each leg of the trip and to have them share photos and stories online. In the end, we had participants from 5 to 75 from rural, suburban and urban Halifax. The campaign was covered by TV, radio, and print news with some 12 stories and interviews. We ecstatic by the social media response, with hundreds of people responding to some posts.

Check out live-tweets of the events at #HikeGreenbelt.


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