Our Seven Solutions

Our 7 Solutions

The 2016 municipal election is one of the most important Halifax has ever seen. The number of opportunities the city now has are enormous: the Centre Plan, federal transit funds, a new affordability strategy, an opportunity to create commuter rail, new powers to make development pay for itself, and the Green Network Plan. Together, we could achieve the kind of thriving city—with great transit and fantastic access to nature—that would kickstart our economy and create a truly sustainable place to live.

In 2012, Our HRM Alliance launched a set of proposals for the future of the region that we called our Seven Solutions. These solutions helped shape the discourse during that campaign and all seven of them have since made progress or were enacted in some form. Notably, the Regional Plan contained a commitment to our first solution, implementing “greenbelting” to direct growth away from our wilderness and to our mainstreets where we need it, which has since become the “Green Network Plan.”

Here are our updated Seven Solutions for the 2016 Municipal Elections:

  1. Establish a Halifax Regional Greenbelt to concentrate growth in rural, suburban and urban mainstreets, preserve natural areas, enhance eco-services, improve our quality of life and lower taxes.
  2. Invest in the downtowns and mainstreets and fix commercial taxes to create successful attractive nodes of local business and to allow them to compete more fairly with business parks.
  3. Invest in rapid transit and active transportation to ensure our ability to compete with other cities for talent attraction, to improve our health and to lower our carbon footprint.
  4. Implement development charges to make growth pay for itself and to incentivize development where it costs taxpayers less.
  5. Accelerate local “secondary” planning to achieve more walkable, sustainable and economically vibrant rural and suburban communities.
  6. Protect green buffers around our lakes, rivers and ocean to keep our water clean and beautiful.
  7. Measure success and short-comings of the Regional Plan to know how far we have come and how much harder we need to work.

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