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Submission to the Regional Plan Review Process

Aug 21, 2020 | Blog, Complete Communities, Green Network

Introduction and Background

Our HRM Alliance is a coalition of 63 organizations across health, environment, trails, business, community growth, and transportation sectors advocating for a sustainable future through greenbelting
and complete communities. The Alliance believes that strategic growth and protection of the places that matter will build a desirable, healthy and equitable place to live. The member organizations of the
Alliance are powered primarily by volunteers and reflect thousands of citizens across all settlement types and regions of Halifax Regional Municipality.

Our HRM Alliance sees itself as having played an instrumental role in the Halifax Green Network Plan (HGNP). Initially, the Alliance was a key force building public interest in a plan for a Halifax greenbelt.
During the process of the HGNP’s creation the Alliance contributed essential community knowledge and continued to build public awareness for the value of greenbelting and supporting complete
communities. Now that the plan has been approved, Our HRM Alliance will continue to be an advocate, prioritizing the full implementation in time to preserve our rich green network.

Our HRM Alliance also finds a role in building livable, complete communities with members working on issues of housing affordability, poverty, accessible recreation, active and public transportation and business improvement. The Alliance believes in smart development where we are strategic in planning where to grow and where to protect.

This Regional Plan review is of specific focus to Our HRM Alliance as it holds significant opportunities to advance strategic growth of complete communities and protect the Halifax Green Network. This
submission details the specific concerns of the coalition in regards to the Regional Plan review.

Throughout the review, the Alliance may supplement the submission as more information is available and projects progress.