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The Seven Solutions

The Our HRM Alliance has developed seven recommended solutions that should be considered as a whole. If we are to achieve true sustainability, these solutions should be implemented in a coordinated fashion. With the second review of the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy, Our HRM Alliance is asking Council to consider adopting the following solutions, all of which fall within the scope of the review approved by Council:


Protect the Halifax Green Network - to preserve natural areas and ecosystem services that are part of a livable city.

1.1. Protect wildlife corridors,
1.2. Protect groundwater, lakes, rivers, wetlands, harbours and coasts through adequate buffers and stormwater management,
1.3. Let the Green Network guide growth, development and zoning,
1.4. Foster stewardship,
1.5. Plan for and support parks and a parks system.
1.6. Implement the water quality functional monitoring plan.

Complete communities: Refine and invest in growth centres - to put growth where it makes the most sense.

2.1. The Municipality has too many growth centres to create complete communities. The growth centres need to be refined, to only include areas where growth supports the community and the Green Network,
2.2. Invest resources and services in the downtown core and growth centres,
2.3. Plan for suburban and rural communities.

Invest in housing, transit, and access to nature – to build complete communities downtown and in growth centres.

3.1. Remove barriers and provide support for affordable, accessible, and age-friendly housing,
3.2. Improve public and active transit services to and in growth centres,
3.3. Prioritize, evaluate and plan for access to nature.

Adhere to Regional growth targets - to balance rural, suburban and urban settlement growth


Growth funds itself - evaluate development charges to ensure the Municipality is not burdened by growth


Act on climate

6.1. Invest in climate action immediately, so that the municipality can save later,
6.2. Use natural assets and nature-based climate solutions to act on climate,
6.3. Use settlement types to act on climate.

Provide actionable engagement and measure success

7.1. Provide significant, meaningful, and actionable consultation met with prioritization and flexibility for communities facing historic and continued barriers from planning and governance systems,
7.2. Commit to measuring successes and deficiencies of actions identified in the Regional Municipal Planning Strategies.

History of the 7-Solutions

The 7-Solutions were initially released by the 34 members of Our HRM Alliance in October 2011, led by Coordinator, Jen Powley. The seven recommendations were developed to address the needed actions and solutions during the 5-year review of the Regional Plan. Many of the initial solutions were adopted during the 5-year Regional Plan review while many continue to need firm action to realize the solutions. The actions have since been built upon to reflect progress, evolving issues, and the current scope of the Regional Plan review yet remain true to their focus developed in 2011.

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