Who are we?

Our HRM Alliance is a coalition on over 60 organizations from sectors as diverse as health, environment, trails, business, community growth, and transportation advocating for a sustainable future through greenbelting and complete communities.


    Our campaigns focus on enhancing Halifax’s greatest strengths.

    A bird’s eye view helps bring into focus how those strengths can work together.


    Beautiful regional parks.

    Quick access to nature is nearly always at the top of the list for why people love Halifax.



    Soon to ring the entire city.

    By protecting the Backlands, Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes, and Sandy Lake, we will make a complete system of amazing parks ringing the city — a once in a lifetime opportunity.



    Kept healthy and thriving by natural connections.

    With The Green Network Plan, we have the opportunity to protect the links between our natural assets, so they remain beautiful and thriving.



    A city completely connected by safe bike-ways.

    Every home, job, main street, and park should be connected by safe bikeways, so anyone, of any age and ability, can zip around our city in the healthiest way possible.



    And with fast, convenient transit to everywhere.

    With commuter rail (yellow), bus lanes and transit priority corridors (blue), we can make the entire city feel like it’s a quick ride away—anytime of day.



    Spurring development on great main streets.

    Fast, reliable transit attracts millions in investment to main streets. By aligning good transit with urban design plans, we can become a city full of multiple beautiful, walkable complete communities.



    Combined, we can realize this city’s greatest potential.

    All together, we can create a city of multiple successful main streets, tightly connected by every form of transportation, surrounded by striking lakes and parks, also kept healthy thanks to natural connections.



    A Halifax people rave about.

    We can be a wonderful small city, on the ocean and in nature, where it’s so easy to get around it feels like the whole thing is in the palm of your hands.


What we believe:

Where to grow.

  • In rural, suburban and urban communities that need development.

  • On main streets to support local business.

  • On transit routes, to make traffic better, not worse.


Where not to grow.

  • On lakes at risk of becoming too polluted for swimming.

  • On land needed for wilderness connectivity or where natural vistas bring tourism value.

  • On land we need for jobs, like farming, forestry and mining.

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