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Four ways to take action.

Write a letter

Letters of support for the Green Network Plan are crucial for ensuring it passes at Council in a strong form. Learn more about our goals on our Green Network Page.

A complete list of contact information for Halifax Councillors can be found here.

Example letter:

To: [my councillor]
Cc:  Our HRM Alliance (jlugar@ecologyaction.ca)
Mayor Mike Savage (mayor@halifax.ca)
Holly Richardson, Green Network Coordinator (richarh@halifax.ca)

Dear Councillor [my district councillor name]:

The Halifax Green Network Plan is being designed to help us protect our most valuable natural areas for recreation, ecology, cultural heritage, and economic development.

HRM’s Primer Report and associated maps are an extremely positive improvement to the existing decision-making framework for protected natural areas. It offers communities the opportunity to derive greater benefits from their local green space, and to feel connected to the network of green spaces across Halifax Regional Municipality.

I urge you to support a strong implementation framework for this Plan when it appears before council in Fall 2017. Specifically, I urge you to support:

  1. The adoption of the Green Network into the Regional Plan;
  2. Updated Land Use By-laws within 2 years to reflect the changes to the Regional Plan and protect the Green Network on the ground; and
  3. Dedicated funding to implement a tourism and promotion strategy and brand the Green Network as a pathway to suburban and rural HRM agro-tourism, hospitality, and recreation for visitors.

I ask you to take these actions to protect our natural heritage, protect our drinking water, support suburban and rural economies, direct growth to communities, and make HRM a great place to live for generations to come. Without your support for definitive action to protect these assets now, we stand to lose the most important connections in the years to come.


[Your Name]

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This Autumn, the Green Network Plan will go to Council. We will need strong public support to ensure the plan meets its full potential and is adopted into law. Work is also constantly ongoing to create Complete Communities.