We believe taking action on climate starts in our cities.

Our HRM Alliance is a coalition of over 60 organizations from environment, business, health and community sectors advocating for a sustainable future in Halifax Regional Municipality.

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The Seven Solutions

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The problem:

Between 1992 and 2014, Halifax nearly doubled in size, while our population only increased by 1/5th. This style of growth raises our tax burden, takes over wildlife habitat, and is unsustainable as we face an urgent need to mitigate and prepare for climate change.

The solution:

Through greenbelting and complete communities we can protect the places that matter while building more livable, climate-friendly communities.


Greenbelting protects the places that matter: places to hike, swim, and learn, habitats and corridors for wildlife, and greenspace that mitigates our climate impact. Greenbelting curbs sprawl, which has high economic and environmental impacts, and allows us to focus on building complete communities.

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Complete Communities

In building complete communities, we make our neighborhoods more livable by prioritizing access to essential community services, affordable and accessible housing, transportation and recreation options. Building complete communities requires prioritizing our growth around main streets and growth centres.

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We are over 60 organizations from across Halifax Regional Municipality uniting to advocate for a sustainable city.

We come together as a coalition to advise council, engage in policy and planning, and advocate for our members.

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